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2017 Year End Media Wrap Up

I did a post of all my favorite media on Facebook. Wanted to add some depth to it. Here we are. Enjoy.

Print Media


Walkaway by Cory Doctorow

  • This is the hands down most important thing from the past year. Not only did I meet Cory, have him sign my book, and have a brief conversation with him. The book unintentionally convinced me to quit working in theatre, find a job that supported the things I wanted to focus on (writing, reading about tech, and the roleplaying game Dan and I have been working on forever), and pursue the techno-hippie world I've longed for. This came mid 2017 and so far the goals the book fostered are coming to fruition. As for his book, it's genre fiction and he admits as such. The characters are complex albeit wordy at times. That being said, Doctorow presents and dispels so many arguments about possible future technologies that it's worth reading a second time just for that.

Autonomous by Annalee Newitz

  • With the coming convergence of internet of things technology, bioengineering, and medicine, it's important to have fiction that contributes to the public imagination out there.

Dark Matter by Blake Crouch

  • It's a thriller that hops dimensions as the hero figures out what is going on. One of the best many worlds interpretation inspired stories I've read.

Owned: Property, Privacy, and the New Digital Serfdom by Joshua T. Fairfield
The Glass Cage: Automation and Us by Nicholas Carr
Capturing the Light: The Birth of Photography, a True Story of Genius and Rivalry by Roger Watson and Helen Rappaport


  • With Stars Wars releasing regularly, this is the space opera you didn't know you wanted.

Batman Court of Owls

  • It's nice to see Batman doing detective work again. Batman's at his best when he's solving crimes with his brains and not with his fists. This is a return to that.

Audio Media

The Vergecast

  • Along with Walkaway this also convinced me to leave my job. They were a bright spot of 2017 because their love of gadgets comes through in every episode. Hearing that every week pushed me to find something better.

The Nostalgia Trap

  • There isn't a good history of the left. There's not a lot of profiling of left activists. David Parsons is probably the only person out there doing it and the conversations he has with his guests are always wide ranging, informative, and intelligent.

Recode Decode

  • Kara Swisher is the perfect foil to most of Silicon Valley and media's icons. She's delightfully ruthless with her guests that deserve it (and most do).

Deep State Radio

  • This should be required listening for all Americans since we're woefully bad at geography and, on the whole, have a tenuous grasp on foreign policy.

Albums and Music
Instant Gratification by Dance Gavin Dance
The No Sleep playlist by the bootleg boy
The band Into it. Over It.

Also, Belle and Sebastian released an EP — I'm just excited about this. It wasn't a mainstay of 2017.

Video Media


  • Having diverse studios making films is good. The fact that Logan is the best Western of 2017 proves that. I'm sad that they'll soon be under Disney's control.


  • Just an intelligent, enjoyable piece of science fiction regarding AI.

Vidoe Games
Mark of the Ninja

  • Stealth action is one of my favorite genres. This side scroller does an incredible job of making a challenging stealth action game suitable to different play styles.

Divnity: Original Sin

  • One of my favorite games growing up was Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance and its seqeul because it was just you and a pal in your living room hacking your way through a dungeon. Original Sin evokes a similar feeling and I'm glad I am finally playing it with a friend years after purchasing it.

Live Performance

Smokefall presented by Benchmark Theatre

  • The kind of show that makes you like theatre if you were feeling like you didn't.

Red presented by Breckenridge Backstage Theatre