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An Endeavor In Coursera Pt. 1

I'm a self taught programmer and recently landed my first development job working with my company's legacy software. I currently work in php, but our future projects and refactors are and will be written in Go. I started teaching myself.

I work full time and am pursuing a master's and my motivation to learn Go beyond personal and work projects is lacking, but I do wish to be proficient in go. I needed accountability. After searching around I found Coursera's Getting Started with Golang specialization. I find the course to be well composed and the videos are helpful.

The first assignment was a basic "Hello, world!" program. Simple. I've done it before. Coursera is set up so that you review other people's work. The review for this was just submit a screenshot of your terminal with the code compiling and outputting "Hello, world!"

I reviewed someone's work and they completed the assignment with go run main.go . I use Go at work often use the command go build && ./<binaryname>. It returns the same output.

I conformed and resubmitted with the way I saw other students do it, but so far not pleased with a peer review grading system instead of an instructor grading system.

I plan on continuing to note my experiences as I complete this specialization. I'll use these notes to do a full review at the end.