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Betrayed By Your Cold, Dead Hands

Police are using a person's dead body to circumvent biometric protections. As it stands there aren't 5th Amendment protections for biometric securtiy measures like there are for passwords. For instance, you cannot be compelled to give up your password by a court order but you can be compelled to give over your fingerprint. Unsurprisingly, protections don't spawn into existence once you shed your mortal coil.

Today will be the hardest day it is to store information about ourselves on digital devices. As storing information in the digital continues to get easier we should be building out rules for not only how it is stored, but also how it is accessed and what it means for data to be secure.

I'd start with: Any security measure that you can be compelled to give up or circumvented entirely by putting you on ice isn't sufficient for securing your data.

In the mean time couple your strong passphrase with multifactor authentication.

You can read more about this from Violet Blue over at Engadget.