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Keyless Entry

My roommate and I were idly chatting and going about mundane household activities when, suddenly, we hear a voice call down to us from the top of our landing, "Hello? Hello?"

Niether of us were expecting anyone and the people we would expect wouldn't have such courtesy. I called back and received no response. I investigate and the Amazon package I was expecting today sat at the top of the landing. Great. Weird, but hey, I got my package.

I found the scenario unnerving and just posted the experience to Twitter. A friend I told about it said, as a joke, "I'd call the police." I didn't call the police, I moved on with my day to chores and podcasts.

When I came back to my phone I had a notification from @AmazonHelp asking for more information so they could look into it.

I opted to not contribute to their investigation because Amazon Flex deliverers are common in my neighborhood, Amazon Key, one of their own services, promotes this exact behavior, and there is a lot of construction (i.e. strangers) outside of my front door.

Taken as a whole, I believe the person delivering the package was doing their best job to ensure the package didn't get porch pirated. More than that though I don't want Amazon to launch an investigation into someone who clearly has a tenuous work arrangment for something that, at the end of the day, caused no harm and wasn't criminal.

I'd rather the resources they'd spend figuring out why an employee/contractor opened my door go to forcing their engineers and developers to seriously weigh the norms they erode when they develop something like Alexa, or the Echo Look, or — most appropriate product for this context — Amazon Key.