/ flash fiction

Maximized Earnings

She waved the lights off as she sank into her mattress. The springs squeaked as she turned over and felt along her nightstand until her fingers brushed against a braided cable. She dragged the connector against her neck stopping when it scraped against a port. She applied pressure until a hallow plastic click echoed through the room. Her body churned in the sheets until she found a comfortable linen entanglement. The possibility of sleep summoned a disquieting pall. In the dark her vision blurred until her eyes vibrated with the knowledge that a peaceful rest would not come. Once consciousness fell away, the machine auctioned away dormant synapses. In return she received a slipstream of wayward visions, a scant few dollars, and the joy waking fatigued. Though, for her, fatigue was a devil less menacing than financial precarity.