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Weekly Read 9-16-18

The Weekly Read is a small selection of best, most noteworthy, or otherwise interesting stories that I've read from the past week. This happens as I have the time to curate it.

A Spanish City Returns to Human Scale: The city of Pontevedra made a city pedestrian friendly by banning cars and repaving many roads with cobblestone.

California Considers Ban On Terrible Default Passwords: California has draft legislation that would require connected device manufacturers to have better default logins or to require the user to change the password upon set up.

Senate Passes The Music Modernization Act: The MMA passed unanimously with widespread industry support and the legislation modernizes copyright law in a way that looks to benefit the rights holders.

Understanding Stalin: This article from 2014 looks at the work of Princeton scholar who is writing the definitive history of not only Stalin, but of the Soviet Empire. It's a history worth revisiting as we consider our history, relationship, and foreign policy approaches with Russia.