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Weekly Read 9-9-2018

This is a project for me to highlight the most valuable articles, stories, and blog posts I read each week. I hope it’s useful to other people as well.

The Invisible Work of Content Moderation Wired profiles the invisible workers that tech companies use to allow their platforms to be cesspools instead of superfund sites.

What Happens When Gig Economy Workers Become Employees? Alena Semeuls from The Atlantic looks at the effects of law that required cannabis delivery workers to be employees instead of contractors and compares that to the gig economy writ large.

Puerto Rico, a year later: The Washington Post takes a look at the fishing village of Naguabo in Puerto Rico and reports on how the people are fairing a year after Hurricane Maria.

Friendly Neighborhood(?) Spider-Man: Kotaku takes a look at the new Spider-Man and how a character so often maligned by media and police in his stories is found to be quite chummy with the NYPD.

Palantir takes over New York City Brenden O’Connor reports on how New York City’s leaders have increasingly integrated their operations with the big data surveillance firm Palantir.

Companion Pieces

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